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Reading Train Care Depot.

Reading train Care Depot forms part of the modernisation and upgrade of the Reading Station complex. The Train Care shed and ancilliary structures that formed our subcontract were valued in excess of £ 1M

The Train Care Shed ( TCS ) is the main structure of the contract and is over 200m long and 35 m wide housing four ‘ roads ‘ to accommodate train carriages for maintenance works.  Each road comprised elevated tracks mounted on walls running the length of the shed calling for a rapid form of construction. Steelfixing modifications were developed during the scheme to facilitate construction and meet the demanding contract programme. Principle quantities for this structure alone include:

Concrete: Just under 5000 m3
Rebar: 300 te
Formwork: approx. 5000sqm
Holding down bolts: 1300
Power Float finish: 6000sqm
Programme 30 weeks

A series of a dozen or so ancilliary structures together with 200m of track slab completed the subcontract scope.